2014 was WR This Cats KingĀ“s first year of showing.

He has won in Ranch Versatility, Ranch Pleasure and became an NRHA money earner.

He has earned AQHA Points and is on his way to qualifying for the AQHA World Show in multiple events.

In 2015 the goals are a bit higher. Plans are to show him in NRCHA aged events. Also in AQHA Reining, Ranch Pleasure (Now called Ranch Riding) and Versatility Ranch Horse.

Vitae - The Story

WR This Cats King was started as a 2 year old and consigned to the NRCHA 2 year old Select Sale.

During training we quickly fell head over heels for this charming, good minded colt that had so much willingness and talent in him.

As much as the prospect hurt, we were willing to part with him at the sale for the right price which was not achieved.

We took him back home, actually happy we were able to do so - deciding fate did not want us to part with him yet.

He did good in school and so was entered in the NRCHA Snafflebit Futurity. A quarter crack in his hoof developed shortly before the big event and seemed to be OK with proper oval shoes. During his debut in the herd work he stepped into his shoe, pulled it down and got the crack to open all the way until it was bleeding.

The Futurity dream was over and Arno and WR This Cats King returned home, upset.

The crack needed months to grow out and when it was almost time to think about riding again Arno (his trainer) had an accident and broke his wrist and elbow which kept him from riding for 4 months!

Sure, Arnos wife Jeanine (Nina) wanted to take over, also other horse trainers called and asked if they could prepare and show him at the Derbies as Arno was unable to. Well, Arno was in love - love does funny things to people - and he was unwilling to share.

When in April or May 2014 both horse & rider were finally healed WR This Cats King had had 7 month off and was behind on his training. Without rushing it Arno moved on and started introducing him to the show pen - small shows, slow pace - now, there was no need to hustle it anymore.

During the summer some bargain between Arno and his wife was made and Nina started taking WR This Cats King over. Arno must have just seen how happy these two are together. Sure enough a wave of regret overcomes him regularly ;)

Wanting to create a bond Nina decided to skip the adrenaline rush of going down the fence for the rest of the year and rather did some Reining and fun stuff like Ranch Pleasure and Versatility. For the 2015 season now they feel ready to face some higher goals.

Standing WR This Cats King was never a plan so there was no point in pushing the horse for achievements. He is just our pet and show horse, one that happens to be so quiet and well behaved that gelding him has been skipped because his testosterone has not been an obstacle.

However in 2014 he has been noticed by fellow competitors during horse shows and breeding requests have been made.